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VIC-SWITCH enables eight VIC 20 or CBM 64-computers to communi- 
cate with the same pripheral devices. If more than one user wants to 
communicate at the same time, the VIC-SWITCH will put them in a 
queue. The waiting users will get access to the peripheral devices in a 
consecutive order, i.e. number 2 is served before #7. But if #6 is com- 
municating at the time #2 and #7 asks for a peripheral device, VIC- 
SWITCH will open the channel for the user connected to number 7 as 
soon as #6 has finished. In this way no priority is given to certain users. 
VIC-SWITCH should only be connected to COMMODORE products 
designed for serial IEEE communication e.g. FLOPPY DISC VIC-1540, 


On the front panel, shown in Figure 1, there are nine LED's. The left- 
most LED is lit when the power is on. The other eight indicate which 
computer communicates with a peripheral. 

The back panel, Figure 2, of the VIC-SWITCH consists of nine DIN 
sockets and a connector for the power cable. 
The leftmost DIN socket should be connected to the peripheral devices. 
The other eight are input sockets for VIC 2Q/CBM 64-computers. 
However, all eight inputs does not have to be used-any configuration of 
up to eight will work. 

The cables for VIC-SWITCH will come in the lengths : 3, 6 and 12 meters 
i.e. 9, 12 and 18 feet. Longer cables are not recommended. 
When the computers and the power cable are connected, all the LED's 
on the front panel should be off, except the LED indicating that the 
VIC-SWITCH is on. 

If a LED is lit when the system is set up, VIC-SWITCH signals that a 
peripheral device is not switched on. 

If it happens that a LED still is lit, the user of the corresponding input 
number should press the RUN/STOP-key and the RESTORE-key atthe 
same time until the light goes off. 

When VIC-SWITCH is started, it is essential that all LED's showing 
communication are off. We recommend that the VIC-SWITCH is pow- 
ered on last. 

If a user of a computer wants to turn it off, it is recommended that the 
communication cable is disconnected before the computer is switched 
off, this will prevent disturbancies for other users. 



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